Pioneer Perks 101

Did you know about the savings potential you have access to when you bank with Pioneer? Consider it your passport to savings. You can get discounts on necessities you already pay full price for as well as entertainment and fun for your friends and family.

 How can I access Pioneer Perks?

Pioneer Perks is easily accessible on your smartphone. Simply download the app and take the savings with you. Additional savings are available on the web. You can find the links to the app or website here.

 Who can sign up?

Pioneer Perks are available to all Signature and Premier account holders. Essential account holders can upgrade their account for a small amount more per month, which comes with an assortment of other benefits. For more information about Signature and Premier accounts, click here.

 What kind of things are discounted?

There are a wide variety of discounts available when you use Pioneer Perks. It provides different kinds of insurance to help your day-to-day life less stressful, like roadside assistance, cell phone protection, ID theft aid, and discounts at the pharmacy. You even have access to savings at local restaurants, shops, as well as national amusement parks and attractions.

ID Theft Aid:
This includes identity monitoring, identity restoration, and payment card fraud resolution.
Identity monitoring gives you access to an Online Identity Vault™ to keep your personal information safe, including: social security number, bank accounts, credit card numbers, and medical cards. Plus, internet monitoring that scans online black-market websites daily for your personal information. Additional features include: a password manager to keep track of password information for other websites, expert protection tips, timely news, and 24/7 live support. Activation is required.

Identity restoration includes unlimited access to personal fraud specialists who will provide guidance and identity recovery and restoration assistance.

If your payment cards are ever stolen or lost, payment card fraud resolution gives you access to a personal fraud specialist ready to assist with cancelling your old cards and reissuing new ones.

Cell Phone Protection:
 Reimbursement up to $600 per incident; $1,200 per year for damage to or theft of an eligible customer's Cellular Wireless Telephone when a bill is paid through your account (with $50 co-payment per claim - maximum of two claims per year per account).

Shopping, Dining & Travel Discounts: Save up to 50% off hotels and dining, plus valuable coupons for car rentals, groceries, and other services at®.

Pharmacy, Vision & Hearing Savings:
 Up to 50% on prescription drugs, 10%-30% off eye exams, frames, and lenses and 15% savings on over 70 models of hearing aids. Simply present your Health Savings Card found on the BaZing® mobile app or print your own on the website.

Anyone in the household can use the card, even if they are not a signer on the bank account (i.e. children).The card cannot be used in conjunction with insurance or other discounts, but rather one or the other (whichever provides the greater discount).

Travel Accidental Death Insurance Coverage: Up to $10,000 coverage for injuries due to an accident resulting in loss of life while traveling.

Roadside Assistance: Available to our Signature and Premier customers 24/7. Covered services up to $80 per event. If your charges equal more than $80, you’ll simply pay the difference.

Coverage includes:

      • Towing assistance
      • Battery service
      • Flat tire assistance
      • Fuel, oil, fluid and water delivery service
      • Lock-out assistance
      • Collision assistance
      • Extrication assistance


Are you ready to start saving? For information on Pioneer Perks or Signature and Premier accounts, visit our website or call 518-730-3000.

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