Ways to Maintain Your Summer Recreational Vehicles

Whether you spend your vacation time on land or at sea, it’s essential to maintain your recreational vehicles. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your investment while keeping you safe! Here are some tips for boat, RV, and motorcycle maintenance.


While it may seem fundamental, cleaning your boat is an imperative part of maintaining its life and getting the most out of it. In fact, a dirty hull or ding on your propeller can take a toll on your boat’s fuel efficiency! Keeping to a tight schedule of what work needs to be done when can be the difference between your boat lasting the rest of your life. Sites like EZ Dock© have comprehensive schedules that let novice boat owners know when to complete routine maintenance.

As New Yorkers, it's never too late to start thinking about winter and how you'll store you boat in the off-season. Storage is one of the leading causes of wear and tear. The key to winterization is keeping your boat in a place that protects it from the elements like snow and rain, while also producing enough airflow to prevent mildew. Whether you’re interested in storing your vehicle onsite at your home, or at a marina, start thinking about smart storage solutions early!


Summer vacation is a breeze when you have an RV. Throughout the year, it’s a good idea to run your generator and use up any gas, as it goes bad after about a month. Cleaning out your tanks– freshwater, gray water, black, sewage– keeps out any mildew, bacteria, and buildup and ensures your vehicle is in top shape. Just like you check your home’s roof, it’s also important to check your RV’s roof to remove any mold, mildew, or debris, especially if it’s been parked under a tree. Check out and replace your various filters on a regular basis.

Storing your vehicle in the off-season is also something you should consider. For example, keeping the RV battery outdoors in the winter months can lead to freezing and breaking, which may void the warranty on even newer RVs. When in doubt, consult your vehicle’s manual and pay attention to maintenance schedules from experts, like this one from Jayco©.


If your motorcycle is a hobby and not your main mode of transportation, now may be the time you’re breaking it back out after a cold winter. Making sure you do your due diligence before hitting the open road can help make sure you ride safely and keep riding for years to come! As rudimentary as it may seem, the first step in maintaining your bike is to do a walk-around before each ride. Become familiar with your owner’s manual and know what your bike is supposed to look like in detail, so you can spot when something’s off. If you haven’t ridden your motorcycle in a few months, spotting forgotten bald tires and worn-down brake pads could be the difference between riding all summer and ruining your bike. It’s important to keep your bike’s fluids full, but it’s equally as important to flush the tanks every now and then to prevent corrosion. Check out this Revzilla© checklist to ensure a thorough check every ride.

Whether your hobby vehicle has four wheels, two wheels, or none at all, due diligence is critical to maintaining your investment and prolonging its life. Let us help you protect your recreational vehicles this summer by reaching out to a representative from Pioneer’s Insurance Division.


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