Vacationing on a Budget

Warmer weather brings lovely thoughts of sitting on a white sand beach, favorite drink in hand, while you watch the waves crash on the shore. For most of us, summer means vacation. But not everyone will go on a vacation this summer because they are afraid of spending too much and busting their budget. Not all vacations have to break the bank; try some of these tips for a fun vacation without the financial hardship.
  1. Search and Compare: Visit different discount sites like Groupon and LivingSocial to see if the destination you would like to visit is offering a deal. A lot of unique resorts advertise through these sites, which allows you to visit new and exotic locations at a discounted rate.

  2. Plan Ahead: Planning for your trip well in advance will give you a better understanding of what activities you would like to do and how much they may cost. This will allow you to create a budget to save without putting a strain on daily living leading up to the trip.

  3. Plan Your Travel for “Off” Days: If you need to fly to get to your destination; try selecting an arrival and departure day that is not the weekend. Flying on a Tuesday is substantially cheaper than flying on a Saturday or Sunday.

  4. Vacation with a Group: Traveling as a group can have its advantages. It will most likely result in more laughs and memories, but also can provide significant discounts and group rates on lodging and food.

  5. Take Advantage of Your Family and Friends: If you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member who owns a vacation home or timeshare, see if you can use their place. If they’re willing to vacate their home, offer to rent it out at a discounted rate or if you’ll be sharing the space with them, take care of the cooking and cleaning as a way of payment.

  6. Check For Sales & Coupons: When it comes to shopping and dining it’s always a good idea to check in advance to see which shops in town will be holding any sales, especially if you are shopping around the holidays. If you have a Signature Banking account with us, check Pioneer Perks for local and online deals as well.
Vacationing on a budget can be done. By following these tips and planning for your vacation, you can have a great time without busting the budget.
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