Teaching Savings at No Cost

Teaching your kids to save can be fun and provides a learning curve for them. By teaching them how to save money when they’re young, you’re slowly educating them for real life experiences that will require them to understand why it’s important. Learning how to manage a budget for later in life comes with time and education as a child.

What things have you tried? Instead of talking with your kids about how to save money, try to do something that engages them and makes them want to learn. Try making it fun with some of these creative ideas!

Be the Example Your Kids See.
If they see you saving money they will understand that saving is normal. At a young enough age, kids aspire to be just like their parents so take advantage of it! Create a timeline for your own financial plans and have them sit with you while you map out your financial future. The questions may come rolling in.  

Do You Give Your Kids an Allowance?
This is a great way to teach them how to save money! They're earning their allowance by keeping their room clean, maybe doing dishes, or even feeding the family pet. These aren't exactly a child's idea of fun in their free time, but rewarding them for putting a certain amount of their allowance away each week encourages them to continue saving. Rewards like more T.V. time or an extra half hour of playing outside are great ideas to consider.

Use Savings Jars.
Get creative with this one! Really involve your child in this project by having them draw a picture of something they want. Maybe they want a new toy or they want to go see the newest Disney movie. Engaging them in this way helps them to really think about what they're working towards and creates a visual of their end goal.

Educating your kids on how to save money can be a learning experience as well as a bonding experience. There are various ways to make it fun for them and to keep their attention on something that doesn't involve video games or playing outside.  

Tissue Box Piggy Bank Craft
It is so important to teach our children healthy savings habits while they’re still young. Encourage them to be smart with their money and teach them the difference between needs and wants. Plus, this piggy bank tissue box craft will make the lesson fun and exciting!

What You’ll Need:

  • Pink construction paper
  • Tissue box
  • 2 Tissue paper rolls
  • Pink paint
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
Step 1: Paint your tissue paper rolls pink and let dry.

Step 2: Wrap a 5-x-20-inch piece of pink construction paper around tissue box and secure with tape.

Step 3: Cut a separate piece for the top of the tissue box and glue.

Step 4: Cut out an oval shape as the nose. Glue the nose and googly eyes.

Step 5: Cut a thin piece of construction paper as the tail. Wrap around a paintbrush to make it curl and glue.

Step 6: Take your pink toilet paper rolls (cut in half) and hot glue to the bottom of your pig.

Step 7: Trace ears, cut out, and glue to the top.

Step 8: Carefully use a knife or scissors to cut a hole on the top for coins!
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