Organizing Your Subscription Services

We live in a subscription society; the ease and convenience of getting just what you want for a small monthly cost, set up once and sometimes forgotten. There are countless subscriptions that you can be a part of, from food services to cosmetics, it may seem like the sky’s the limit. However, sometimes you don’t realize just how quickly these services can add up. Take the time to organize all of your subscriptions that you use with these easy tips.

Locate Your Current Subscription Information.
This task may seem daunting, but it will only have to be done once. This can be done a few ways. Try by searching your emails. Most subscription services will send you a monthly email stating your account has been charged. Finding these emails will help you get organized. Designate a folder in your inbox for all your subscriptions. If you delete every email that comes into your inbox, this option won’t work. Instead, you can take a look at your bank statements.

Make a Record.
Once you’ve found all of your subscriptions it’s time to record them. Create an Excel document, make a note in your phone, or even keep a notebook. Make sure you state when you signed up, the cost, and if you’re currently actively using the subscription. Every time you sign up for a new subscription, add it to your current list. Make sure to also note if there is a free trial associated with it and when that free trial ends (especially if you’re testing this subscription out).

Determine What You Need.
Now comes the really hard part; deciding which subscriptions to keep. Can you manage without a few and put that money away each month into a savings account? Try setting a limit on the cost per month that you can spend on subscription services. Once you’ve done that, cancel those that you don’t truly use enough to justify the cost.

Start off the New Year with a better understanding of your subscription spending. Removing the unused or unnecessary subscription costs can add up to big savings. 
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