Reasons to Save (Or Spend) Your Wedding Money

The sun is shining brightly, you have coffee in your hand, and you are reminiscing about your beautiful and memorable wedding day. You’re now happily married, sitting on your couch and looking at the numerous cards on your coffee table. You think about how generous your family and friends are and how excited you are to spend your wedding money. Before you jump right into it, think about ways that you can put it away to help fuel your future.

A Down Payment.

Are you looking to purchase a home in the coming months or year? Put your cash into a savings account for a down payment. Being able to offer 20% down will help you with your loan and save you from paying PMI.

Growing Your Family.

Do you want children some day? Children are life changing but also very expensive. Put some of your money away so that you have a nice cushion for when you decide to start a family.

Dream Vacation.

Have you always wanted to visit Europe? Or explore South America? Normally a vacation like that can cost a pretty penny. Save your wedding money so that you are able to go on that dream vacation sooner.

However, there are always some good reasons to spend your wedding money as well.


If you’re planning on going on a honeymoon right after your wedding, then it’s a good idea to take some of your new cash with you. Spend the day at the spa or enjoy a romantic dinner out.

Wedding Expenses.

Do you have any outstanding wedding expenses that need to be taken care of? Use some of your gift money to help pay it off.


Do you have student loans or credit card debt that needs to be paid off? Take the money to pay off a couple of monthly payments to help you get ahead.

Whether you save or spend your wedding money is up to you. Make sure you are confident with your decision before moving forward. And don’t forget to send your thank you cards!

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