Budgeting Worksheets to Create a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Financial stress is the last thing you need on your mind this holiday season. Manage your holiday gift spending, and make this year the year you finally come in on (or under) budget.

Try using this free printable holiday budgeting worksheet to make gifting (and spending) a breeze.

How to use:

  1. Determine the total amount you are willing to spend.
  2. Track each person you are buying for and record the budgeted amount for each gift. Once purchased, fill in what you actually spent.
  3. Track any miscellaneous gifts you may have to buy for – teachers, co-workers, mail carrier, etc., and follow Step 2.
  4. Plan for any additional expenses you may have. This could be gift wrap, tape, entertaining supplies, decorations, etc., and write in what you expect to spend and what you actually spent.
  5. Wrap your gifts! Keep track of your unwrapped and wrapped gifts by checking them off the list.
    Reveal your grand total and see if you came in on-budget! Bonus points if you come under-budget.

Holiday Spending Tracker Page 1 ScreenshotHoliday Spending Tracker Page 2 Screenshot
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