Woman typing her credit card information into her cellphone

Protect Yourself from Debit Card Fraud

Have you ever noticed an unfamiliar charge or received a text from your bank asking to verify a purchase?

Fraud should not be taken lightly and with the proper precautions, it can be prevented. Here are some ways to keep yourself and your money safe. 

Protect Your Pin

When using a debit card, your PIN is gold. It should be protected as much as your card. When entering your PIN at a store, keep in mind there are other people around. Do your best to conceal the PIN pad, preventing anyone from seeing what is being entered. Remember to never write your PIN on your card, or share it with anyone.

Check Your Online Banking Regularly

Get in the habit of logging into your online banking or viewing your account through the mobile app daily. This will ensure that you can catch any suspicious activity quickly and report it.

Sign Up For Alerts

In addition to checking your account daily, you can sign up for Card Controls & Alerts and receive notifications of card activity, control where your card is used (grocery store, gas, etc.), and block international transactions. 

Go Paperless

Opting for electronic bank statements will eliminate your information being stolen from your mailbox. Any statements or receipts that contain your bank account information should be shredded and discarded properly when they are no longer needed.

Be Alert At ATMs

When using your debit card at an ATM, stay alert to your surroundings. If possible, avoid using an ATM after dark or choose one that is well lit and does not have tall bushes nearby. If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable or suspicious, do not approach the ATM.  Have your access card ready when you approach the ATM. Look up and around every few seconds while transacting your business. When your transaction is complete, leave immediately and avoid counting or displaying your cash.

Protect Yourself While Online

Make sure your computer and electronic device’s anti-virus and anti-spyware software is up-to-date as well as its firewall. In addition, make sure that whenever you are making a transaction or checking your account information that you are doing so on a secure network.

Even when using the utmost caution, your debit card can still be compromised. If that happens, contact your financial institution immediately. You can work with your bank to resolve the theft and rectify your account.

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