Special 9-month and 13-month CD Rates

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Elevate your savings with a high-yield CD

Take advantage of a 9-month CD at 4.65% APY* or a 13-month CD at 4.50% APY*!

If you have extra money to save for a rainy day, put it to work by investing in a high-yield Certificate of Deposit** (CD). CDs are timed deposits that bear interest over a specific period, during which it may not be withdrawn. Plus, interest rates are fixed so you know your investment will grow and provide the matured balance.

With two promotional high-yield CDs available, you can take advantage of whichever works on your schedule.

Investing in a CD is simple:

Stop into any one of our 22 branches to open your new CD


Make a one-time deposit of at least $500


Determine what term length is best for you

Frequently Asked Questions about CDs

A certificate of deposit account (CD) is an interest-bearing time deposit where money stays in an account for a specific period of time, during which it may not be withdrawn. CDs are available in various term lengths.

CD account interest rates are often higher than traditional savings accounts, making them a great option for reaching your savings goals faster using money that you don’t need immediately.

There are no fees to open or obtain the APY on a certificate of deposit.

There's a $500 minimum deposit to open a CD.

CD Term Length in Months Penalty Days for Early Withdrawal
> 0 and < 12  90
> 12 and < 36 180
> 36 365

No. Once you open and fund your CD, you can't add funds again until your CD matures.

You have a 7-calendar day grace period starting on your maturity date to:

  • Change the term
  • Make any additional deposits or withdraw funds
  • Close the CD

Unless you have selected a different CD term or closed your CD, your CD will renew at the same term and the rate will be determined at the end of the 7-calendar day grace period.  Check our current rates here.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Care team at 518.730.3000.

*Annual Percentage Yield
**Minimum opening balance of $500. No minimum balance is required to earn the stated APY after account is opened. Rates may change prior to account opening. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. APY assumes funds remain on deposit until maturity.  Fees may reduce earnings.