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Name NMLS Number Name NMLS Number
Sharoon Alam  481361 Anil Mulchandani  1454287
Sherlock Bacchus  1454270 Mohamad Mustafa 481594
Laura Baker  1454271 Margaret "Krista" Nash 967254
Carlyanna Berschwinger  1170333 Kiere Neulander  471549
Robert Bucci   1147690 Peter Odell  471574
Angela Calsolaro  1929261 Jennifer Oliver  1475942
Eoin Carroll  843297 Paul Orgler  1883880
Kwun Chan  1440963 Sarah Paris  1454289
Alisa Cianfarani 481983  Evan Parsley  1595553
Philip Cortese  481689 Lindsey Pelerin  1175836
Aubrey Curran  1678301 Stephen Prall  1431258
Rebecca Curtis  1454272 Eli Rabinowitz  470828
Michelle Davis 1470725 Ashley Ratigan  1454291
Dahvia Doring  1454274 Kyle Reyell  1352225
Lois Ellis   1374271 Jacqueline Ritrovato  481984
Connie Falco  1149914 Rosa Rodriguez  1476512
Helen Fiore  1613707 Deborah Salsburg  481820
Julie Flynn  1455890 Alexandra Sautin  1454294
Aimee Frank 1403849    
Caitlyn Fronckowiak 1058585 Sarah Schiffres 1922143
Estelle Genest 481592 Christina Scorsone 1454295
Lynda Grady  1454277 Trudy Seeber  751945
Devon Gratton  1835247 Lindsay Sheridan  1658988
Gregory Hanselman   1408919 Rekha Singh  481287
Amber Hensley 481365 Brienna Skipka  1579797
Karen Jaycox 1147745  Iris Soto  1454296
Jessie Kafka 763678 Melissa Stamper  471138
M. Antonio King 1820323 Sharon Strock  1656364
Karen Koster 1454279 Alexandra Tarbox  1158696
Jayden Lembo  1747166 Giuseppe Tedesco  1454297
Peter Lindner   1454281 Shana R. Teall-Hennessey 1831143
Donna London-Hamilton  1454283 Anastasia "Stacey" Vasilakos  834541
Jacqueline Lorenz  498829 Sheila Viera  1454299
Taylor Loucks  1454284 Barbara Way  471343
Michael Lyons  471275 Lyn Wiltsie  1454301
Ryan McMaster  1795565 Kayla Wittmann  1455889
    Juliana Zabielski  1561106
Pioneer Gives Back

Pioneer Gives Back

The Pioneer Bank Foundation is committed to "helping kids be kids" by giving to local charitable organizations in our communities that focus on the health and welfare of children.

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