Cash Management Services

Pioneer offers a variety of specialty cash management services to help local government organizations save time and safeguard municipal monies.

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Provides for the efficient and timely deposit of checks from the convenience of your office. Make check deposits up to 5pm for same-day credit.
To help you alleviate your administrative burden and expense, Pioneer may be able to assist you by accepting and processing tax and other payments at a Pioneer branch. (Subject to branch availability)
Provide Pioneer with your check issuance information, and we’ll report to you any incoming checks that don’t match. This service helps prevent fraud, as any unauthorized checks can be returned, based upon your instructions.
Allows you to originate ACH payments for payroll direct deposit, tax payments, vendor, and other payments. Our ACH service provides for multi-level authentication, dual control, and specific permissions by users. ACH debit block gives you the option to authorize debits for approved originators and amounts, or provide for total ACH debit block.
Often used in conjunction with Positive Pay, this service helps you to easily reconcile accounts. You provide your check issuance information, and we provide you with reports on your outstanding and reconciled checks.

Pioneer is a marketing name of Pioneer Commercial Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Bank. Products and services offered to municipal and government customers are offered through Pioneer Commercial Bank.

Pioneer Commercial Bank’s ABA Routing Number is 021313925.